Dental Hygiene

We Work Hard To Ensure Your Teeth and Gums Are Healthy

Our experienced and dedicated team are here to ensure our patients maintain healthy white teeth and gums for life. By regularly checking on the health of your teeth, we can treat Dental Hygiene issues long before they become more serious and more expensive to treat.

We are here to keep your teeth and gums healthy and to educate you on how to continue to look after your dental health between visits.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Teeth

Brushing Your Teeth

Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. When you are brushing your teeth, ensure you brush all sides of the teeth and your tongue also. If it is possible, it is advised to brush after lunch also.

Clean Between Your Teeth

The team here at Breeze Dental recommends patients clean between their teeth daily with floss or small brushes. Doing this regularly helps ensure that the areas between your teeth where your toothbrush cannot reach are also cleaned.

Using A Mouthwash

We recommend an alcohol-free fluoride mouthwash. Fluoride mouthwashes help strengthen your tooth enamel.

Visiting Your Dentist Regularly

To ensure that you keep your natural teeth for life, we recommend you visit Breeze Dental every six months for your dental checkups.

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